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Moving with Space World

Don't let moving get you down or wear you out. We have come up with the following steps to ease your pain. The key is to plan ahead so you will be ready for anything that comes along. Space World movers are here to help your moving day go smoothly.

We have a helpful tips and frequently asked questions page we would like you to visit.

Be there on the day of the move!

Sometimes life makes it hard for you to be there while your moving so we encourage that if you can't be there, at least have someone there that would be able to answer any questions that the movers may have.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies!

If you plan on packing or the movers packing for you, either way, its important to have all the necessities. Make a list of items that will help you ease your packing needs.

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Permanent Markers
  • Newsprint

Keep it light

Fill boxes up but keep it light. This will make moving faster and lighter boxes won't put a lot strain on your back. You may not feel the pain at the beginning of a move but after a few hours your back will. So, keep it light!

Write boldly and clearly

Everyone hates to send out a search party for an item in an unmarked box. To make it easier for you and the movers, mark the boxes boldly and clearly. If it's breakable, write "fragile". Also include a destination for the boxes. If there are toiletry items that belong to your children, write "kid's bathroom." If it helps you, you could even write some of the items that are in the box on the outside. That would help you distinguish one kitchen box from the others.

Prevent bodily damage

To avoid any damage to the movers or your possessions we advise that you take any steps to pad up sharp edges. We provide blankets for those occasions. We strive to keep your belonging safe and in uninjured hands.

Comfort and communication

Nothing is worse that moving in 100 degree weather and having a sweaty mover hug your couch, so if its possible to keep you utilities on until the movers are done, this would be deeply appreciated. Having a way to communicate to the movers would benefit you and the movers. Sometimes we run into traffic and our arrival time is delayed, this is why we send our movers out with a cell phone so they can keep you updated on their progress.

Cover the Floor

We move all year round so it's hard to predict the weather. It would be nice to be able to move everyone on a nice day, but Mother Nature has a way of ruining a moving day. If it's sprinkling on your moving day, place a throw rug by the entrance way to keep the movers from slipping, and keep your nice living room rug spotless.

Make way

Make a path through your house for everyone to maneuver around. Have the pets put up so there's no tripping over Spot. The movers love kids and have kids of their own and it would make them feel bad to step on and break one of your children's toys, so have all the toys you can get away with put up or out of harm's way.

Clean up a bit

Nothing's more embarrassing than to see money, food, or toys fall out of your couch when the movers pick it up. Take a vacuum to couches and love seats to keep the embarrassing moments to a minimum.

Quench Your Appetite

Working on a schedule puts everyone's nerves on edge. To help minimize the crankiness of spouses and/or children have some snacks or drinks handy. Depending on how long your move is scheduled for, you might want to order out or have a cooler packed with goodies.

Cookie Crumbs

There might be something worse than a dirty couch and that's dirty cabinets. Wipe down cabinets, drawers, and shelves. The new owners would appreciate it and the movers would too.

Tidying Up

Try to remember to keep some cleaning supplies handy. We are movers not house maids. We always do our best to pick up after ourselves and clean up any mess that we've made, but remember, you didn't hire us to wipe the blinds, dust the ceiling fans, or cleaning your refrigerator. We will if you ask us to.

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