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Helpful Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Self Storage and Packing

Space World & Moving Center is your one stop shop for all your packing and moving needs. Our facilities remain stocked on boxes, locks, newsprint, rope, bubble wrap, tape and more. Moving is stressful; let us help you in making it as easy as possible.

Storage Tips

Why choose climate controlled storage?

Severe hot or cold conditions due to weather can cause permanent damage to certain items in your storage, such as leather, pictures, TVs and various other electronics. Climate controlled units are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer using central heating and air conditioning to help in preventing such occurrences.

What can't be stored in a self-storage unit?

Space World is an excellent option to store the overflow of many types of materials from your business or home. Items not permitted to be stored include but are not limited to: hazardous or toxic material, gasoline and other flammable liquids, piled clothing, rags, papers, unlawful goods of any kind, perishable foods, used tires or anything that smells (like fertilizer & deer feed) or will spoil.

Do you have movers available?

Yes, Space World has professional and efficient movers on staff to assist you in your move. Two movers with a truck is $85/hour and three movers is $95/hour. There is a 4 hour minimum on moves. Fuel charges vary based on distance. Contact our moving manager for more information.

Space World for business owners

Business owners will find that Space World is great for short and long term storage solutions. Short term units may be needed during remodeling, redecorating, downsizing your business, relocating your business or storing seasonal furnishings such as: patio furniture, grills, outdoor kiosks, etc., and storing excess inventory before the start of the Holiday season. Space World also has movers available to assist you in packing and moving.

Not sure what size you need?

Picking a storage size can seem like a daunting task but our easy-to-use ***storage chart*** will make estimating your storage needs simple.

Insuring your stored items

Self storages aren't normally covered by other policies such as homeowners or rental insurance. Whether you are storing for a business or personal belongings, it is important to ensure your items from fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, earthquakes, vandalism, lightning, smoke, hail, building collapse, explosion, leaking water and burglary. More information on coverage is available on location.

Vehicle Self Storage

Space World offers inside and outside covered and regular RVs, boats, motorcycles and vehicle parking at our locations for short and long term rentals.


What does on-site manager mean?

An "on-site" manager is a store manager that has an apartment on-site as part of the facility.

What sizes are available and how do I choose the right size?

Space World has a wide range of sizes to fit most of your storage needs. Our sizes range from 5'X5' or 25 square feet to 10'X40' or 400 square feet. Our ***storage chart*** makes finding the right unit a breeze. Contact one of our store locations for further assistance and to verify that your desired unit is available at your ideal location.

How can I report any maintenance issues?

Space World takes pride in the upkeep of our facilities but occasional maintenance issues such as a door jam, damaged light or gate not opening properly. If you notice an issue during office hours, let a manager kow immediately. Should a problem arise after hours, leave a note with your name, number and a description in our silver drop-box located at the front of the office.

What do I do if I am late making a payment?

Your rent is due in advance on the day you rent your unit. Your next month's rent will be due one month from that date. Space World has a 5-day grace period, after which, a late fee will be added to your bill.

Move In FAQs

Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?

Space World offers a variety of boxes and packing supplies at both locations.

Do I get a lock when I rent a unit?

For your security, your unit does not come with a lock. Space World does, however, carry locks of varying sizes and types to meet all of your security needs. Our disc locks are recommended for the highest level of protection.

Are the moving trucks available to use?

One of the many benefits of our facilities is the 17ft trucks we have available for local use. For new move-ins we allow one time use of the vehicle with 25 miles free of charge as long as the vehicles returned clean and with a full tank of gas. For full information about this promotion, contact the individual location you intend to rent from.

What are the payment terms?

Space World helps to make storing with us a hassle free experience, including paying your bill. Our leases are month-to-month starting the day you move in. We have options to set up auto pay, pay online, over the phone with any major credit card, or just drop off your payment at our office as you check on your unit.

Do you offer RV/Boat/Car/Motorcycle parking?

Space World offers inside and outside, covered and regular RV, boat, motorcycle and vehicle parking at our locations for short and long term rentals.

What kind of security measures do you have in place?

Space World provides state-of-the-art security for maximum protection of your assets. Our facilities have an electronic gate with coded keypad entry, video surveillance, and personal locks available for purchase.

What do I need to do to move out?

At Space World all of our leases are month-to-month. When you move out, all that is required is one days written or verbal notice. To receive your deposit you must completely empty out and sweep your unit. When finished, remove your lock and check in at the office on your way out of the facility.

Do you offer services for business as well as household customers?

Space World has always been a welcoming environment for businesses, schools and people just needing to store patio furniture for winter. With month-to-month rentals short and long-term rentals are effortless.

What is a Drive-up unit?

A drive-up unit is a ground accessible unit that gives you the ability to load your belongings directly from a moving truck or a vehicle.

What is a roll up door?

Roll-up doors allow you maximum usage of your space. They are accessed by sliding a latch and lifting the door upward, like a garage door.

What is the difference between office and gate hours?

Office hours are the hours the office is open. During these hours a store manager will be available to assist you with any of your storage needs, purchase of packing and moving supplies, and to give you rates and book moves through our moving service. The gate hours are between 6AM and 10PM. These are the hours when your unit can be . 24-hour access is also available if our standard gate hours don't meet your needs.

Do you have on sight surveillance?

Space World has motion detecting cameras at all entrance locations and various areas around the facility. Nothing enters or exits our facility without passing at least one of our security cameras.

Do I get a Pin Number or can anybody drive onto the property?

Our Space World facilities use the Digi gate security system, which has you input a tenant-specific PIN number to gain access to the storage area at our facility. The code allows us to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility, as well as keep record in case of any discrepancies.


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