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Space World & Moving Center, Inc.
Full Service Records Management Company

Why go offsite with Space World & Moving Center, Inc.?

Recapture valuable space, eliminate unnecessary capital expenditures, and reduce personal requirements by taking advantage of a record management system that surpasses ordinary record storage.

  • Bar-Coded Storage & Retrieval
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Refile & Interfile
  • Confidential Record Destruction
  • Storage containers to meet a variety of needs
  • Next day, Half day, or Rush Delivery
  • 24-hour, 365-day availability
  • Also at Space World & Moving Center, Inc. we offer our customers security, flexibility and efficiency.


    As a records and information management partner, we understand how important information is to your business. It requires confidential handling and secure storage. We offer both!

    Control access

    Once you specify who can access your records, we will take the appropriate steps to provide those employees with as much, or as little, access as you desire. Authorization lists and physical security systems help ensure that your instructions are followed and your information is protected.

    Temperature Controlled Environment

    Some information requires special temperature controls that can be costly and difficult to implement. Our special temperature controlled environment provides complete protection - saving you space, time , and money!

    Bonded Personnel

    We understand how important information is to you business. The handling of your information will remain confidential with Space World & Moving Center's Office Records Management personnel. We pre-screen all of our employees with drug screens, back ground checks, and insuring them against theft.

    Secure Building

    The Space World & Moving Center facility maintains a controlled environment, is constructed of steel and concrete, and is completely equipped with sprinkler, fire, and alarms systems for maximum protection.


    Space World & Moving Center Office Records Management is more than just a storage facility. We offer a variety of professional services, including pickup and delivery, inventory and retrieval, storage and destruction. Our goal is to make your information easy to access and easy to use.

    Around the Clock Service

    We know that business today takes place around the clock. That's why we offer Information management services 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

    Delivery and Pickup Services

    We provide the vehicles and the man power needed to pickup and deliver your information. Whether standard timing, rush job, or an emergency, we'll make sure you get your information on time.

    Flexible Retrieval Options

    We provide our clients the flexibility to retrieve their confidential documents in a variety of ways. By requesting a box or file to be mailed to your desk, department, mailroom, or another location. You can request a file or box to be mailed to you or another department or location. Also we can copy the file or box and have the copy mailed, faxed, or delivered. And, of course you can pick up your box or file at our facility!


    Conserving resources and cutting costs are among the most popular activities in corporations today. We know you need all the help you can get, so why not start with you records and information management operation.

    Conserving Resources

    Managing important and confidential information can be a significant drain on your staff resources. We provide a professionally trained staff, available around the clock, to manage all of your information needs. Meanwhile, your staff can focus on more pressing business issues.

    Cutting Costs

    Are you considering using you expensive office space to store information? Thinking about tying up your assets in a special warehouse and expensive storage equipment?

    Let us manage that information for you... We're experts in smart records and information management solutions!

    Service Guarantee

    Space World & Moving Center's Office Records Management will GUARANTEE you that we will pickup or deliver your files or boxes at the time requested or you will NOT be charged for the service!

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